Rattan Cantiq

Cantik Rattan is rattan furniture manufacturer and exporter from Cirebon -  West Java, Indonesia that has European class of rattan furniture. The rattan furniture products that have offered, including; tables, chairs, desk, panels and more. There are many type of chair in this rattan furniture company which include the wooden chair which basically made from rattan and woods, iron chair which style made from iron for the frame and rattan wicker.

Beside those things, Rattan Cantik also has many more plastic, loom, wooden & leather furniture set. The customer can also order some special product with their own design and material. All custom pieces are considered prototypes and pricing will depend on the volume order.

Cantik Rattan has experience in export mostly to European countries, such as; Greece, Italy, Holland, UK, etc, and other countries such as; Scandinavian country, Czech, Slovenia, Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand, etc. Those countries like to import rattan furniture from Indonesia.

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